Evonne Serpa, Au.D. | Doctor of Audiology


Dr. Evonne Serpa is an Audiologist who has lived and worked as an audiologist in the Portland area for the last 20 years. Finding a need in the local community for more comprehensive audiology services that include both adults and children, Dr. Serpa purchased Hearing Resources Audiology Center. She is passionate about treating and educating her patients on how best to protect and enhance their hearing health and quality of life. Her goal as an audiologist is to build trust and long-term relationships with her patients in a relaxed, non-threatening environment. She wants all of her patients to feel comfortable with their hearing care provider and to become someone they trust to help them. “My favorite part of my job is helping people hear better; watching their eyes light up, and seeing their confidence return. Helping them connect better with family and friends gives me great satisfaction.”

Education and Experience

Dr. Serpa completed a Bachelor of Science in Speech and Hearing Sciences from Central Michigan University in 1994, and a Master of Science in Speech and Hearing Sciences from Portland State University in 1998. She completed her Doctor of Audiology degree from University of Florida in 2010. She has worked with patients in a variety of settings, from hospitals to private practices and educational clinics. Most recently, Dr. Serpa served as an Assistant Professor at Pacific University School of Audiology. She is also past president of the Oregon Academy of Audiology, an Academy of Audiology fellow, and continues to be actively involved in the Oregon audiology community.

The Personal Side

Dr. Serpa was born and raised in the Detroit area, and moved to the Northwest in 1995. She and her husband, Mike, love Oregon and now call it their forever home. She is a huge fan of the Detroit Tigers, Red Wings and Detroit Lions, and feels deep in her heart that the Lions will win the Super Bowl in her lifetime. Dr. Serpa loves Halloween, purple is her favorite color, and when she’s out of the office, enjoys camping with her family, being a hockey mom, and homeschooling her children.

Anna-Liisa Yahn | Patient Advocate, Office Manager


Anna-Liisa Yahn is the friendly face and voice of Hearing Resources Audiology Center. With more than ten years experience working in patient medical access coordination, Anna-Liisa has spent the majority of her professional time assisting patients and their families with navigating the healthcare system and accessing appropriate care efficiently and compassionately. She prides herself on being able to find creative options for funding and access to resources for people, helping them live their lives more fully.


What makes Ms. Yahn’s expertise unique is her past experience working on the insurance company side of the industry, working for a Medicaid health plan. She is most proud of making the transition from decision-making to applying her insurance industry experience to direct patient care. She derives the most satisfaction on the job from helping her patients access and maximize their insurance benefits.

As Office Manager and Patient Access Coordinator, Anna-Liisa assists Hearing Resources patients with scheduling, follow-ups, benefits coordination, patient education and information sharing, and answering questions - from billing to explanation of benefits to what kind of battery they need for their hearing devices. Her friendly and open-hearted manner help create the warm, inviting clinic you experience when you walk through our doors.

The Personal Side

Anna-Liisa originally hails from California, but has called Oregon home for the last 12 years. She is a baker, hiker, board game winner, and a soccer, rugby, judo and choir mom to four. Her favorite food is ice cream, and would happily help you taste test.

What our patients are saying...

Having an audiologist who treats children is invaluable to us! Dr. Serpa is fantastic to work with - we followed her from her last location to this one. My daughter trusts her and Dr. Serpa has helped us with making certain we have the right information for my daughter's school hearing services. She's also familiar with many of the ENT doctors in the area, which helps with communication between my daughter's doctor and Dr. Serpa. It's easy to get appointments quickly - no months-long waiting. If you need a good audiologist for your child or if you are an adult in need of audiology services, Dr. Serpa is your go-to.

Karen M

I love my hearing aids, thanks to Dr. Evonne Serpa and Anna, the Office Manager. They are so friendly to talk with, and you will feel like you've known them forever. I'm so glad that I have them. Thank you so very much!

Gayle M.

I was glad to find a helpful and professional voice on the other end of the line in Annaliese. I was able to get 2 appointments very quickly - within days. I'm moving from my old audiologist because I was being scheduled 3 months out. For a person with Oticon hearing aids, thats too long to wait for service and this place services them AND takes my insurance.

James S.

From Evonne Serpa, I experienced very professional audiology exams, encouragement and quality instruments.  She was able to find instruments for me that have re-opened the world of hearing to me, and I am able to listen to others again.  I would never have imagined that correction would allow me to hear myself breathing, to hear my footsteps as I walk on different types of flooring, and to carry on a conversation with two or three others while sitting in the back seat of an automobile.  These are only three of the awesome differences I have noticed and represent a vivid change and improvement in my life. 

The process with Dr. Serpa moved along quickly, and at all times I learned the whats and whys of what was being done.  In a few short visits, I was a proud owner of instruments that have made me, a retired elementary school teacher of 40 years, become confident and alert to others around me and I started dealing much more successfully with life... 

This has made a superlative difference in my life and in my family and friends lives. In these cherished years of my retirement, I am able to fully enjoy the sounds of my grandchildren. When former students or their parents see me out and about, they share their wonderful memories of years in my classroom and hearing their rejoicing and our shared stories can now be cherished by me with the improved hearing.

 I hope you will also give yourself this fine audiology experience with Evonne Serpa.

Jeanine C.