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These helpful tips and educational articles are provided to help you understand the world of hearing loss and help you make well informed decisions.

What is Auditory Training?

We offer this exciting service at Hearing Resources! Hear and understand. Auditory Training? It sounds a little odd: Auditory Training. What is it? How can it help you? Auditory Training is a service we offer at Hearing Resources Audiology Center. It maximizes the...

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Noisy Toys 2018: Protect Young Ears!

Each year, the Sight and Hearing Association puts out a list of "noisy" toys after putting a variety of these items through thorough sound testing. Each year they find toys that are loud enough to be potentially damaging to your child's hearing. Hearing damage can...

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Holidays With Hearing Aids

Whether your hearing aids are brand new and you're still getting used to them, or you have a few hearing aid holidays under your belt, navigating the season with hearing aids can present some unique challenges. We have some tips to help you navigate, and some ideas...

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Communicating with Hard of Hearing People

One of the most frustrating things about hearing loss is missing out on conversation. Being told "nevermind" is one of the interactions hard of hearing people have that can cause them to withdraw socially - imagine being dismissed out-of-hand, and made to feel like...

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