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Do I Need a Hearing Test?

First, a hearing test is a first step in establishing your hearing baseline, remember: you’re not alone. Hearing loss affects approximately 36 million Americans, for any variety of reasons: noise, general health-related issues, and even just everyday living. It’s a noisy world, and hearing loss has no age boundaries. Hearing loss can negatively impact your life and ability to enjoy the things you love, and a hearing evaluation is the first step toward recapturing the sounds you may be missing. To help you decide if you need a hearing evaluation, take a look at the following risk factors and symptoms. We’re ready to help you!

If you are experiencing the following, a hearing evaluation is in order:

  • An unusual feeling in the ears, or a noticeable change in hearing abilities
  • Difficulty understanding speech – it seems to you like people are mumbling
  • Asking others to repeat themselves, or asking, “What?”
  • Turning up the volume on the television
  • Family or friends noticing a change in your hearing and/or memory
  • Difficulty understanding phone conversations
  • Difficulty hearing a speaker when there is background noise, in places like restaurants and stores
  • A constant ringing or buzzing in your ear(s)

If your history includes any of the following:

  • Illnesses that have included high fever, such as meningitis
  • Ear infections or ear disease
  • Diabetes
  • Certain medications, such as the antibiotic genimicin, certain chemotherapy drugs, and loop diuretics used to treat high blood pressure such as furosemide
  • Hereditary factors such as Otosclerosis, or a parent whose hearing deteriorated over time
  • A history of stroke, tumors, head trauma or degenerative disease such as multiple sclerosis
  • Do you smoke?

Additionally, if you have worked in a noisy environment, such as military service, factory, construction, or outdoor work, as a musician/concert professional, or are simply an avid user of earphones or ear buds to listen to music, an evaluation of your hearing is in order. Call us today for an appointment and get your life back! 503-774-3668. To learn more about protecting your hearing, visit Dangerous Decibels.

We are here to help! You are not alone, and we can answer your questions about your hearing health. Call us at 503-774-3668 and schedule your hearing evaluation with us today.

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