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Dr. Evonne Serpa

Do you think you need hearing aids or a hearing test? Did you know that even mild hearing loss can impact your memory? Did you know you can retrain your brain to hear better in crowded and noisy places? Hi, I’m Dr. Evonne Serpa, Au.D., Audiologist, and owner of Hearing Resource Audiology Center in Portland, Oregon. I’d love to show you how to revitalize your hearing. While I can’t cure hearing loss, I can significantly reduce its negative impact on you and your loved ones. Most people don’t realize that any level of hearing loss impacts our relationships and ability to connect with those around us.

My goal as an audiologist is to build trust and long-term relationships with my patients in a relaxed, non-threatening environment. I want all my patients to feel comfortable with their hearing care provider and to become someone they trust to help them. I am on a mission to change the way we think about our hearing health. So many people postpone getting a hearing test because of the perceived stigma or concerns about the expense of treatment of hearing aids. We should evaluate our hearing every year like we do for our eyes and teeth.

Hearing loss is an unseen problem most of us often deny until it becomes very noticeable. I want to educate folks about hearing care and their options for better hearing. Our brains are fascinating and when we ignore our hearing it has the potential to affect us in so many ways that often we don’t attribute to hearing difficulties. Recent research from Johns Hopkins reveals that hearing loss is also linked with walking problems, falls and even dementia. Other symptoms include avoiding social situations due to difficulty hearing, difficulty understanding in noisy situation, and social isolation due to frustration and fatigue. Give me a call today we can help keep you and your loved ones stay connected to your world.

Hearing Aids in Portland Oregon

audiology & hearing aids PortlandHearing aids can work very well when they are fitted and adjusted by a Dr. of Audiology. All hearing aids must be comfortable in respect to the way they fit and the volume loudness. If there is any discomfort found then the consumer should return them to Dr. Serpa our audiologist and Portland hearing aids specialist immediately for the proper adjustments to provide a comfortable fit. Hearing aids will dramatically improve your hearing, but they cannot provide perfect hearing.

Your New Hearing Aids

Some of our Portland area clients take a few days to adjust to the feel of their new hearing aids, but most of our clients take a few weeks. There are even some clients who need several months to get used to the adjustment. In general, the greater you’re hearing loss and the longer your hearing loss has been present, the more difficult it may be to get used to the transition to wearing hearing aids. There is no absolute way to learn how to adjust to wearing hearing aids. Doctors of Audiology are professionals that are uniquely trained to provide you with rehabilitative programs that need to occur after the hearing aids have been fitted.

Dealing with Background Noises

Portland hearing aidsJust about everyone including hearing aid users and even non-hearing aid users complain about excessive background noise at one time or another. There is no way that a hearing aid can eliminate the sounds that the client does not want to hear. The very good news is that there are new hearing aids available that can amplify the sounds you do want to hear and minimize some of the unwanted sounds.

There has been a great deal of research that shows dual microphones effectively reduce background noise for many clients with certain types of hearing loss. Our Doctor of Audiology and hearing aids specialist can help you determine the very best circuits and microphone options for your hearing loss or communication needs.

The very best and most efficient way to reduce the background noise is through the use of assistive listening devices such as FM technology. Ask our Doctor of Audiology and hearing aid specialist how this new technology can work with your hearing aid to improve your ability to hear even in the most difficult listening situations.

Do You Need One Hearing Aid or Two Hearing Aids?

You realize that you have two ears because you need two ears. If you are dealing with hearing loss in both ears that could be reduced by hearing aids, you should be wearing two hearing aids. When you wear earing hearing aids bilaterally (in each ear) it will greatly improve your ability to hear in very noisy settings, allow you to localize sounds around you in your environment, improve your ability to understand speech, even from a distance and give the sound you hear a fuller quality.

The fact is that over 60% of clients who wear hearing aids are fit binaurally. The benefits of wearing two hearing aids are the enhanced ability to (a) hear better when in the presence of background noise, (b) determine where the sounds are coming from, and (c) the ability to hear soft sounds at lower levels.

Deciding on the Right Hearing Aid for You

best hearing aids PortlandWhen you come in for your hearing test, a case history will be started to determine which type of hearing problem that you have. You will be asked questions about the onset of your hearing loss, if there is the presence of tinnitus (ringing in the ears) or dizziness.

Based on the results of your hearing test and your answers to these questions, our highly trained Doctor of Audiology hearing expert may make a referral to your medical doctor for further examinations and possible treatments. If the hearing testing reveals a sensory-neural type of hearing loss, a hearing aid may be recommended for one or both ears.

Your Hearing Aid Evaluation

There are many thousands of hearing aids that you can choose. Our highly trained Doctor of Audiology will use your information that was provided in your case history and in your audiological evaluation to help to narrow the available choices for you. The final decision on which hearing aid is purchased is always the choice of the client.

Your Hearing Aid Fitting

During your hearing aid fitting the hearing device will be programmed to meet the needs of you the client. You will be provided with instructions regarding how to put your hearing aid in the ear and remove it, how to change the batteries as well as how to care for and clean your new hearing device. This is also the time that your Doctor of Audiology professional reiterates the function of your hearing aid as it relates to your lifestyle.

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