Is your child missing out on friendships or learning?

Are their grades going down? Friendships aren't as active? Sports are difficult because they can't hear the coach or teammates?

It could be their hearing. Use our quick online checklist to see if your child could benefit from a hearing evaluation. It will just take a minute to read through it here.


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About Karen Mares

Karen is a copy writer and social media professional born and raised in Portland, Oregon. She has a unique perspective on hearing-related topics because her daughter has single-sided deafness and conductive hearing loss, and Dr. Serpa is her audiologist. It’s a privilege to help Hearing Resources Audiology Center reach patients.

Meniere’s Disease

Meniere's Disease is typically characterized by bouts of vertigo, tinnitus, and a feeling of fullness in the ear. It can also cause progressive hearing loss. Let's take a look at Meniere's Disease's effect on hearing, and how your audiologist can help diagnose and mitigate symptoms. What's Meniere's Disease? Have you been diagnosed with Meniere's Disease? [...]

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The Hidden Consequences of Untreated Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is often very subtle. It's something that comes on slowly, and before you realize it, you can't hear as well as you used to. Hearing loss can happen at any age, and can be really tough to accept and seek treatment for. People often feel they can "get by" without hearing help, and [...]

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Education Access for Hearing 101: Your Child’s Rights

One of the toughest things to navigate with your hard of hearing child is how to access hearing assistive technology through the school system and the specialized instruction they need to succeed. Understanding their education access rights is the first step in advocating for your child. It's important for you, the parents or caregivers, to know your [...]

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Holiday Hearing Tips

The holidays can be frustrating if you are hard of hearing and wear hearing aids. Background noise, multiple conversations and dim lights can make navigating these gatherings difficult. With a little preparation you can help yourself and your hosts make the most of the time you spend together. Check out our holiday hearing tips! Get Your Hearing [...]

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