Adult AudiologyAdult Audiology Services

For the average adult, hearing loss can be a gradual experience that seems to sneak up on you. It takes an average of seven years to seek treatment. Our aim and Hearing Resources Audiology Center is to make the experience of evaluation and treatment for adult hearing loss as relaxing and informative as possible. Addressing hearing loss as early as possible is important to staying connected and maintaining your quality of life. That’s why we offer comprehensive adult audiology services.


Why an Audiologist?

Audiologists are trained hearing professionals who diagnose hearing loss, evaluate communication needs, and guide patients to the best solutions for their hearing loss and maintenance. Dr. Serpa is a highly-skilled, licensed audiologist dedicated to providing you with a warm, friendly office environment to put you at ease and connect you to the personalized hearing solution best suited for you. Hearing Resources Audiology Center is committed to earning your trust, ensuring your hearing, communication and budget needs are addressed when making decisions with you. To us, your experience with Hearing Resources Audiology Center is more than an appointment; it’s a relationship.

Types of Hearing Evaluations We Provide:

  • Tympanometry – The testing of your middle ear and eardrum by creating variations of air pressure in the ear canal
  • Acoustic Reflexes – The testing of the neural loop – testing the integrity of the connections between the inner ear to the brain stem, and back to the middle ear system. This test looks very similar to Tympanometry, but is testing a different part of your hearing anatomy.
  • Otoacoustic Emissions – A test involving the cochlea, recording the motion of your cochlea’s sensory hair cells as they respond to auditory stimulation. A small probe tip is placed in your ear canal. The response to sounds is then recorded.
  • Audiometry – The traditional “booth test,” where you respond to varying frequencies and volumes in a soundproof booth. This helps Dr. Serpa determine the type and severity of hearing loss you may be experiencing.
  • Functional Communication Evaluation – Objective and subjective measures assessing auditory function beyond what can be determined by pure-tone and one-syllable word-recognition-in-quiet testing. Testing can include assessment of speech perception in noise.

In addition to comprehensive hearing evaluations, we assist patients with the following:

  • Tinnitus – “Ringing” or “swishing” sounds in the ear
  • Musician and Occupational Noise-induced Hearing Loss Monitoring – For performers, musicians, and workers in noisy environments, on-going evaluation and assistance with hearing loss prevention
  • Hearing Rehabilitation – Training and treatment to help manage hearing loss, hearing aids, and taking charge of communication in a variety of settings

adult audiologyAdult Audiology Services We Provide:

  • Diagnostics and treatment for hearing loss
  • Comprehensive hearing evaluations
  • A full range of hearing aid services for adults, including accessories, battery sales, and repairs
  • Assistive devices, including FM systems and household accessories
  • On-going monitoring of your hearing health
  • Education and counseling
  • Communication strategies
  • Individualized auditory training
  • Musician hearing protection
  • Industrial/work place hearing protection
  • Hearing loss prevention and education
  • Captioned telephone certifications
  • Group education and therapy

Need help deciding if testing is right for you? Read our page: Do I Need a Hearing Test?

What to expect:

We strive to provide a friendly neighborhood setting in our office. Anna-Liisa, our Patient Advocate, will greet you and provide you with paperwork and instructions. If you have already given us your insurance information, she will go over your benefits with you. Coffee and tea are available for your convenience.

Dr. Serpa will talk with you and learn the types of environments where you may be experiencing hearing difficulties, and get a brief history of hearing concerns, such as workplace noise or military service. You can expect a diagnostic evaluation, and a functional hearing evaluation to determine your candidacy for hearing aids. This testing will help Dr. Serpa discover:

  • Whether or not you have hearing loss
  • If a hearing loss exists in one or both ears
  • The possible cause(s)
  • Treatment options
  • Further loss prevention education

We discuss the results of the testing with you, helping you understand them, and guide you through your treatment options. We also provide counseling and education for how to manage hearing loss in a variety of settings, how to protect the hearing you have, and what types of assistive technology may be available to you in complicated listening situations. We will take our time to answer any questions you may have, and collaborate with your other healthcare providers. Hearing assistance or a sign language interpreter can be made available to you upon request.

We want you to get the assistance you need to live your fullest life. Want to know more about hearing loss? Visit How’s Your Hearing, a site provided by the American Academy of Audiology, to learn more.

We are here to help! You are not alone, and we can answer your questions about your hearing health. Call us at 503-774-3668 and schedule your hearing evaluation with us today.

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