Adult Audiology and Hearing Aid Services

  • We specialize in diagnostics and treatment for hearing loss
  • Comprehensive hearing evaluations
  • Full range of hearing aid services for adults, including accessories, battery sales, and repairs
  • Assistive devices, including FM systems and household accessories
  • Musician hearing protection
  • Industrial/Occupational hearing protection
  • Hearing education and loss prevention

Pediatric Audiology and Hearing Aid Services

  • We specialize in comprehensive hearing evaluations and hearing aid services for children and teens
  • FM systems and accessories to aid educational access for children and teens
  • Collaboration with doctors, school professionals, and other service providers
  • Hearing aids, supplies, service and repairs
  • Hearing protection accessories to protect young ears from every day noise
  • Custom molds for swimming and MP3 earbuds for safe listening
  • Hearing loss prevention education

We work with a variety of manufacturers:

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You may need us if…

  • You only hear some of what is said, especially in a crowd.
  • Either only low pitches or high pitches get through to you, especially when listening to music.
  • You are asking people to repeat themselves, or wish they would and don’t ask them.
  • After leaving a crowded situation with music, you find yourself with a ringing in your ears
  • You want to find out what technology is available to help you hear better.

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